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Standard Fare Philadelphia
The Art Museums s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g.
Dominique Young Unique Show My Ass
Best Coast Bratty B
YACHT Nausea
Cults Oh My God
The Go! Team Old Yr Terror Close
The Magic Kids Hey Boy
April Stevens Teach Me Tiger
The Shivers Beauty
Amanaz Big Enough
Taraf de Haïdouks Hora CA La Ursari
White Denim Heart From Us All
Beach Fossils Golden Age
The National Cold Girl Fever


.:: hrzfld djset RdR 2010

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Ice Cube It Was A Good Day (Remix)
2 Live Crew Coolin'
Amanaz Khala My Friend
The Carrots Secrect Since '99
Harlem Someday Soon
Black Lips Bad Kids
The Sandwitches Back To The Sea
Beach Fossils Daydream
Best Coast Wish He Was You
Micachu Golden Phone
The Raincoats Lola
The Halo Benders Don't Touch My Bikini
Silver Jews Tennessee
Loyola Show Up